(a)    Only two delegates, nominated by their Club or League shall have the power to vote at the Annual, or Special General Meeting. Any member may speak on a motion or item on the agenda.

(b)    Every Member shall stand when speaking and shall address the Chairman, first stating Name and Club he or she represents.

(c)    All affiliated clubs are requested to meet annually for the purpose of nominating players from their clubs for the County Teams.  Such nominations shall be submitted to the Secretary.   Selectors are not bound by these nominations and may select any player whom they consider worthy of inclusion.

(d)    The Selection Committee shall, at the Chairman's discretion, be called to a meeting for selection of teams for County Games. Subsequent meetings of the Committee shall, where possible, take place immediately following County Games for selection for the next matches.

(e)    County Presidents and Vice Presidents will be expected to attend their respective county matches, one at each venue, for the Adams and Newton Trophy Games, and one at each venue for the Donald Steward and Silver Jubilee Vase Games. In addition, at least one selector shall attend all county matches.

(f)    All members of the county teams (Adams, Newton, Donald Steward and Silver Jubilee Vase) will be charged a Match Fee.

(g)    Two reserve players shall also be selected and shall be notified of their selection at the same time as the Team Players.

(h)    When officiating at matches Official Umpires will be reimbursed for travelling expenses.

(i)    Any player who has played five times for the county in either Individual Competitions or Adams, Newton, Donald Steward or Silver Jubilee Vase Games, or Durham Centenary Trophy inter-county Games, will be entitled to a County Blazer Badge. Only One individual result to count per annum

(j)    Any player who has played Five Times for the Adams or Newton Teams will be entitled to wear an Adams or Newton Flash.

(k)    Entry Fees for all competitions shall be fixed at the previous Annual General Meeting.