1.      No score cards will be sent out in future; please provide your own card/s.  Please consult the Competition Draw pages for dates and details of Round 1 and Lists of Competitors for telephone numbers and addresses of players.  

2.      The challenger shall make arrangements with his opponent, or opponents, for the match to be played within the stipulated time and shall offer two dates within two days of receipt of the draw.  Three clear days’ notice should be given.  One of these dates must be accepted within two days.  If a challenger does not hear from his opponent within three days, the competition secretary must be informed.  If an opponent does not initially hear from the challenger within three days from the start of the round, or at least fourteen days before the start of the first round, he or she should contact the challenger and make every effort to get the game played.  If a problem persists he or she should immediately contact the competition secretary.  

3.      Dates shall not be offered when a County Match is taking place or when either Club has a Federation League Match or Durham Trophy fixture.  

4.      No extension will be given to the closing date of any round in any competition.  Results must be telephoned immediately to the Competition Secretary (NOT AFTER 10. 30pm).  Results must be with the Competition Secretary by 12 noon on the day after the end of the round at the very latest.  Failure to have played the game by the closing date of the round will automatically result in BOTH teams being disqualified.  The score card should be signed by both players and returned to the Competition Secretary by either email (Scanned Copy) or by first class post.  

5.      Substitutes

          For men’s and mixed pairs the two players taking part in the first game must include at least one of the named players from the original entry and shall constitute the pair.  For mixed rinks the three players taking part in the first game must include at least one of the named players from the original entry and shall constitute the triple.  For ladies pairs the first two players shall constitute the pair and for men’s and ladies’ rinks the first three players shall constitute the rink.  In all these cases they should normally play together throughout the competition including the national finals.  One additional and the same player may act as substitute as long as he or she has not already played in or entered with another team.    In rinks the substitute may later play in any other round for any member of the rink, or in pairs for either player.  For mixed pairs or rinks two substitutes may be used comprising of one and one only male and one and one only female.  In all cases the substitute must come from the same club as the substituted player.

6.      Singles shall be decided by the first player to reach 21 SHOTS in both 4 bowl and 2 bowl matched.  It will be the responsibility of the challenger to arrange for a marker.  

7.      Pairs shall be decided over 21 ends in all competitions - MEN/LADIES/MIXED.  

8.      2 Bowl Rinks shall be decided over 21 ends and 3 Bowl Rinks over 18 ends.  

9.      Durham Trophy Team Matches shall be 25 ends.  Players shall be allowed two trial ends.  

10.   Disputes must be reported to the Competition Secretary within 24 hours.  This must firstly be communicated by telephone and then confirmed in writing.  


Competition Secretary



Bowles Farm, Ashen Road, Ridgewell, Halstead, Essex, CO9 4RP

Tel: 01440 788181 -  Mobile: 07876243426



1.    The following competitions will be held during. the indoor season:
Singles     Pairs
2 Bowl Rinks    Mixed Pairs          Mixed Rinks

2.    Players in Indoor Competitions shall be members of an outdoor club affiliated to N.E.C.B.F. or N.E.W.B.F. and will have been included in the list of players registered by the club the previous season.



1.    In all rounds up to and including quarter-finals, inter-club league matches and in inter-club knockout matches up to and including semi-finals, grey trousers should be worn. White or club coloured tops may be worn but the whole team must wear the same colour. Approved brown, grey or white flat-soled, heel-less shoes shall be worn on the green at all times.

2.    All players who participate in semi-finals or finals of the county competitions or in the inter-club knockout final must wear white or cream trousers, white socks, tops as in (1) above, white pullover or cardigan. Club blazers and ties should be worn on arrival but the wearing of ties during play is optional provided the whole team are alike. Water-proofs must be white or cream.

3.    All players who represent the county in the National Finals or in county matches must dress as in (2) above but the county tie must be worn on arrival.

4.    Any player improperly dressed will be disqualified.


1.    For all county competitions up to and including the quarter-finals, inter-club league Matches or inter-club knock-out matches up to and including the semi-finals, grey skirts, tailored trousers, tailored cut-off or culottes should be worn. White or club-coloured tops may be worn but the whole team must wear the same colour.

2.    For County semi-finals, finals and the inter-club knock-out final, county dress should be worn as follows:
    White or cream suits or blazer.
    White or cream regulation bowling skirt or dress. (Skirts and dress must have two inverted pleats front and back, the length to cover the knees.)
    White or cream tailored trousers or tailored cut-offs are allowed provided they are purchased from an accredited bowls-wear shop.
    North Essex registered scarf. (To be removed before play)
    White or cream blouse or jumper with long or short sleeves, but not sleeveless, white or cream cardigans.
    White baseball cap, regulation bowling hat or sun visor are optional during play.     Walking shoes/sandals with heels and handbags to be brown, white or Cream.
    (Mules or flip-flop type footwear are NOT permitted.)
    White bowling shoes.
    Brown or beige tights, stockings or footsies may be worn. Girls, 13 years and under, may wear white ankle socks.
    Undergarments should be white.
    White or cream rainwear may be worn.
    All materials must not be 'see-through'.
    County hats will not be worn.