1.     The Federation shall be called "THE NORTH ESSEX COUNTY BOWLS FEDERATION", (hereinafter called The Federation or N.E.C.B.F.) to include ladies playing as North Essex Women's Bowls Federation.

2.    It shall consist of Bowls Clubs with Headquarters or Greens affiliated to the N.E.C.B.F.

3.    The objects of the Federation shall be:
    a) To adopt rules for governance of the game.
    b) To appoint or act as arbitrators on cases of dispute.
    c) To do all things as may be advisable for the encouragement of the game
    of bowls.

4.    Each Club, League or Tournament Committee seeking affiliation to the.E.C.B.F. shall forward a copy of its rules or programme to the Honorary Secretary.

5.    Applications for affiliation shall be submitted in writing to the HonorarySecretary 28 days before the A.G.M. and shall be decided by a simple majority of the votes cast.

6.    The Subscriptions of the Federation shall be fixed by the Executive and shall be notified at the A.G.M and payable on, or before, 1st March each year. Every affiliated player should purchase a current E.B.F. law book. Each club shall receive two E.B.F. Handbooks at cost price.

7.    A general Meeting of the Federation shall be held Annually in the last full week in November.

8.    No proxy voting. Clubs should advise the Honorary Secretary of the names of the delegates appointed to attend the meeting.

9.    a) At each A.G.M. the Federation shall elect from its members the following  officers for the coming year: President, Vice-President, Junior Vice-President, Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Hon Secretary, Hon Treasurer, Match Secretary, Competition Secretary, League Secretary, Press Officer, Ladies President, Vice-President, Ladies Junior Vice-President and Hon. Secretary. A National Delegate, Selectors, County Captains and Auditor shall also be elected.
b)     A DELEGATE meeting shall be held each year in March. The meeting to be attended by ELECTED OFFICERS and ONE DELEGATE from each affiliated club.
c)     An executive committee shall meet as required and shall comprise of the President, Vice President, Junior Vice-President, Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Match Secretary, Competition Secretary, League Secretary, Ladies President, Ladies Vice President, Ladies Junior Vice President Ladies Secretary, Ladies Treasurer, Captains of  the Adams and Newton Teams plus two others to be elected at the AGM. Five to form a quorum.  The minutes of any such meeting  to be available for discussion at the delegates meeting.

10.    The Presidents may not hold office for more than three consecutive years. Presidents are awarded an annual agreed honorarium, which is paid in May.
End of rink gifts for County games are paid for by the County and agreed at the October Executive meeting each year.
All other Presidential gifts, which are not mandatory, are at the personal cost and discretion of individual Presidents.
No other payments or expenses are allowed.

11.    An Emergency Committee of five members of the Executive Committee shall be appointed by the Chairman and Honorary Secretary at any time to deal with urgent matters and their decision shall be final. Three shall form a quorum.

12.    The Secretary shall keep a record of all the business transacted at the General and Committee Meetings. At each Annual General Meeting he shall submit a record of the years work. Results and players in County Matches shall be recorded.

13    The Accounts shall be audited at the end of each year. A statement of the financial position of the Federation shall be submitted to the A.GM. and a copy sent to each member of the Executive and each Affiliated Club.

14.    All clubs participating in the League must be affiliated to the Federation.

15.    Any Club or League whose dues are not paid by 1st March shall forfeit all privileges of Membership of the Federation as long as such subscriptions remain unpaid.

16.    Decisions of an Affiliated League may be referred in writing to the County Secretary who shall bring it before the Executive Committee. In the event of a Club appealing, the appeal shall be accompanied by a fee of £5.00 which will be returned if the appeal is upheld, or forfeited at the discretion of the Committee if the appeal is not sustained. Any Club refusing to accept the decision of the Executive Committee shall cease to be a member of the Federation.

17.    The Executive shall have the power to adjudicate in County competitions as to the meaning, or interpretation of the Laws of the Game, or upon any point that may arise not covered by them. The subject of dispute must be made in writing and forwarded to the County Secretary within three days together with a fee of £5.00 which will be refunded if the complaint is sustained, or may be forfeited at the discretion of the Committee. The County Secretary shall call a meeting of the committee for its consideration, each Party with witnesses shall be heard and the decision of the Committee; which will be final, shall be intimated by the County Secretary to all persons concerned.
    Should a member of the Executive also be a member of the Club involved in a
dispute then the member concerned should withdraw during such times as the dispute is being dealt with by the Executive.

18.    The Executive Committee shall have the power to adjudicate in any dispute between an individual member and the N.E.C.B.F. The subject of the dispute must be put in writing and forwarded to the County Secretary together with a fee of £5.00 which will be returned if the complaint is sustained, or may be forfeited at the discretion of the Committee.

19.    The County Selection Committee shall consist of three playing or non playing selectors. The Chairman, or Vice-chairman or in his absence the Hon. Secretary, shall chair the meetings. The President, if he so desires shall attend the meetings.

20.    The Captains of both the Adams and the Newton Trophy teams shall be playing or non-playing.

21.    The County is fully committed to safeguarding and promoting the well-being of all members .  All members are expected to treat each other with courtesy and respect.
    Bullying and verbal abuse will not be tolerated.
Any complaints will be dealt with by the emergency committee and their decision will be final.

22.    These rules shall be reconsidered annually at the A.G.M. and no alteration, or addition, shall be made except at that meeting or at a special General Meeting called for such a purpose. On the requisition of six delegates a two thirds majority shall be required for any alterations or additions.

23.    Alterations or additions to be submitted in writing to the Honorary Secretary twenty one days prior to the A.G.M. and circulated to all Clubs and Leagues by the Honorary Secretary.

24.    Any amendments to these alterations or additions to be submitted in writing to the Honorary Secretary ten days prior to the A.G.M. for inclusion in the final agenda.

25.    All Clubs and Leagues affiliated to the Federation shall be bound by these rules and     regulations and by the Laws of the Game as published by the English Bowling     Federation.

26.    There shall be a Green Inspection Committee appointed by the County Executive with powers to inspect greens for fitness to play County Competitions.