1.    All games shall be played under the Laws adopted and published by the English Bowling Federation.

2.    The N.E.C.B.F. shall have the power to deal with matters not covered by these rules.

3.    The Honorary Treasurer of the Federation shall, for all intents and purposes be the legal owner of all cups in the trust of the Federation. The Cups shall be open for Annual Competition. On any Club or Individual becoming the holder of one of the Cups an official of the Club or the Individual shall sign a form of Guarantee for the safe return of the Cup to the Federation and it shall be returned on request.

4.    The management of the Cup Competitions shall be vested in the Executive
Committee of the Federation or in a Sub Committee duly appointed by the Executive.

5.    All entries for Competitions shall be drawn in such areas as are deemed suitable by the Executive and shall be played under Knockout Rules. No competitor shall play for more than one club in any year.

6.    Entry forms shall be forwarded for each Club and entries must be sent by the Club Secretary to the Federation County Competition Secretary before 31st October.

7.    All players in County Competitions shall be bona fide members of a club and shall be registered with the Federation Secretary  2 days prior to any Match. A request for the list of registered players will be sent out at the same time as the National Annual Returns Forms. All lists of members shall be in alphabetical order and in duplicate. One copy to be certified and returned to the Club Secretary to be available at the Club Green. Any additions to this list must be sent in writing to the Federation Secretary and accompanied by a cheque for £2 for each additional name. If an email is sent to request registration, a confirmation letter with the cheque must be sent immediately. A member will only be eligible to play 2 days from registration provided that the cheque is received within this time.  If not received within the 7 days the matter shall be referred to the Executive Committee.

8.    A Bye shall be restricted to the Preliminary and First Rounds only.

9.    All games must be completed by the Date arranged and any Player or Club failing to play shall forfeit the game. Any dispute shall be settled by the Executive whose decision shall be fmal.

10.    Any protest shall be lodged with the Federation Secretary in writing within seven days of the match accompanied by a Fee of £5.00 which shall be returned if the protest is upheld.

11.    Any Club playing an ineligible Player shall be disqualified. Also any Player while registered with a Club and having played County Competitions from that Club during the Current season who plays a County Competition for another Club shall be disqualified from all his or her county competitions for that season and the following three seasons.

12.    The definition of a Neutral Green is one which is not the Home Green of a team or individual taking part.

13.    In all team and individual County Competitions players shall be allowed two trial ends.

14.    The arrangements for all Semi-finals and Finals in the County Cups, Singles, Pairs and Rinks Championships shall be made by the Executive Committee.

15.    Prizes or Trophies will be awarded in County Competitions.

16.    Where available, two or more rinks shall be offered by the Home player or Skip.  An Umpire will be available where the match is to be played.

17.    Any Player or Players failing to play in County Semi-finals or Finals except for illness or exceptional circumstances shall be dealt with by the Committee.

18.    The Home player shall supply a Marker for all Singles Competitions.


Additional National Rules Clarification


7.8  Play in all competitions shall be limited to two bowls only per player except in four-bowl singles and three bowl rinks.

 In any 4 bowl singles game no player will be allowed to visit the head until both players have played 2 bowls


7.26 In order to qualify for any Under-25 competition the competitor must be under the age of twenty five on the last day of the championships.


7.27. In order to qualify for the EBF veteran’s singles, senior pairs and mixed senior pairs championships, each male competitor must be at least 65 years of age on the first day of May of the year in which the competition is played.


7.28 In order to qualify for the EWBF senior citizen’s singles, pairs or EBF mixed senior pairs championships, each female competitor must be at least 60 years of age on the first day of May of the year in which the competition is played.